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At Andaman Spa we specialize on Sports Therapeutic Massage


Sports Massage is more than just a reward at the end of a workout. It is a vital tool for keeping athletes primed for top performance and even lengthening their careers. 

During rehabilitation, sports massage can accelerate the healing process, increase range of motion, reduce swelling, adhesions, bruising and pain.

Sports massage is also used to relieve muscular spasms and fatigue-related injuries.

Andaman Spa combines sports massage therapy with our unique Low Intensity Laser Treatment and Compression Therapy accelerating the healing process allowing athletes to go back to their normal activities faster.



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Our therapeutic massages are a combination of techniques such as pressure points, active release techniques, stretching, and cupping.


At Andaman Spa we use the latest Bioflex Laser treatment to help your body rehabilitate faster, combined with compression therapy and fascia release.


Himalayan Hot Stones Massage help to release tension, decrease inflammation, detoxify the body, reduce insomnia, blood pressure and stress, great for moms to be and relaxation.


Great for pain management, autoimmune disorders, Fertility, oncologic and pediatric patients, traditional Chinese medicine.


Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite.

Compression Therapy

Compression boots works with dynamic compression mitigating stiffness, increasing ROM (range of motion) and, over time enhancing muscle performance.



Himalayan Hot Stones are an excellent way to get deeper work into your muscles by releasing tension, decreasing inflammation, detoxifying the body, also helps to reduce insomnia, blood pressure and stress.

A Himalayan Salt Stone Massage can also zero out the body’s electromagnetic field. Electronic devices such as phones and computers can disrupt natural energy flow within the body. The stone’s neutral structure and natural resonant frequency help to realign energy pathways and restore balance to the central nervous system.

Lymphatic Drainage is recommended after any cosmetic surgery to improve recovery and speed the healing process.


Lymphatic Drainage also helps cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy or any cancer treatment.

For any cancer patient a little relief has a huge meaning, massages helps the body and mind to reduce the levels of stress and pain.


Our unique Bioflex Laser is great for;

Knee Injury             Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder Pain        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Whiplash                Arthritis

Fibromyalgia          Ankle weakness

Gout                       Herniated Disc

Rotator cuff            Migraine

Break down toxins, and decreases the inflammation and stiffness in the joints, thereby allowing your body to heal faster

Te reverse-pressure pulls the tissue and muscles creating a vacuum that fills the area with fresh blood, bringing oxygen and nutrients.

Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy is a great treatment to increase the lymphatic flush, facilitating the body to remove waste,  swelling and increasing healthy blood flow back into the legs.

When you receive compression therapy after a workout or a marathon a significant improvement of flexibility and range of motion is noticed. It works excellent combined with Bioflex Laser Treatment or after a deep tissue massage.



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